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About Chatopus

Chatopus is a Jabber/XMPP client for instant messaging (IM) on the Palm OS platform. The client adds feature-rich instant messaging and presence functionality to Palm OS devices, enabling Palm users to instantly communicate to other wireless and wired users.

Chatopus allows users to communicate with Jabber, XMPP or Google Talk contacts. It also supports the gateway/transport aspects of Jabber, allowing users to establish links to other instant messaging solutions including MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, GaduGadu, QQ, Sametime and others.

Chatopus can also be used to receive real-time news via RSS feeds. For details, please check out our article, Using Jabber to Receive Real-time News.


System Requirements

  1. Some older Sony handhelds (specifically the NR, NX, NZ, and TG series) require a third-party software, Modern-Clie-Audio, to use the Chatopus Sound Effects.
  2. 5-way navigation is supported on Palm Tungsten T/T2/T3/T5/TX, Zire models, Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p and Group Sense PDA.
  3. Auto screen-off and LED blinking are supported on Palm's Tungsten models, Zire models and LifeDrive models. Auto screen-off is supported on Palm's Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p.
  4. SSL support is available if the device has the Palm OS SSL library. When SSL is enabled, background mode is not supported
  5. Users can register a jabber account on many public Jabber servers for free. They could also setup their own Jabber Servers using either an open-source or commercial Jabber server.